Monday, 1 January 2018

this was 2017

  "The Al Djiibaajah year" 

2017 in pictures

  spring holidays here
L-litter was born in march 
and album4
sommer here
winter and Denmark here

Happy new year

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Holidays in Denmark

end of november we enjoyed one week in Denmark/Romo together with Gabi and her girls
deserted, endless beaches, wind, rain, but very happy Salukis...
 many more pictures here

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


at day 23 after insemination we couldn't wait anymore and have been at the vet and Zaaza is pregnant with at least 5 little wonders 💓💖😍
we are expecting the L-litter around 18/19th march 
an Tag 23 war unsere Geduld zu ende und wir waren beim Tierarzt zum Ultraschall, Zaaza ist trächtig mit mindestens 5 kleinen Wundern 💓💖😍
wir erwarten unseren L-Wurf um den 18./19. März 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

CAC Langerwisch 28./29.1.2017

Over the moon about our results, 
the 2 Blondies did fantastic at the german CAC shows in Langerwisch

 Yill-Djiibaajah vd Irminsul
  28.1. ex1 CAC/VDH
29.1. ex1 CAC/VDH/BOB
Kimiya Kaniz al Djiibaajah
28.1. ex1, JCAC/JVDH, JBOB, BOB
JBIS and finally also adult BIS with only 13 month
29.1. ex2 resJCAC/JVDH
well done girls and many thanks to the judges 😍

Saturday, 21 January 2017

double CACIB Ljubljana and Clubshow 20./21.1.2017

we spent a fantastic weekend in Ljubljana with 3 shows, many nice people, best Hotel Adora and some success 👏👍💖😊🙌
Kenan Kamal al Djiibaajah
saturday ex1/JBOB, clubshow sg1 and sunday ex1 JBOB/BOB
many congrats to Martin and Nicole Schmidt
Kimiya Kaniz al Djiibaajah
three ex1, JBOB clubshow and brandnew slowenian JCH
Yill-Djiibaajah vd Irminsul
Three ex1/CAC saturday resCACIB, BOB at clubshow and CACIB/BOS on sunday

Saturday, 14 January 2017

CACIL coursing Galtür 14.1.2017

9 girls, two 2-legged and seven 4 legged, drove to austria/Galtür
it was cold, very cold, snowstorm, snowchains, snow and more snow ⛄☃⛇
but we came home with some nice results ....
9 Mädels, 2 zweibeinige und 7 vierbeinige, machten sich auf den Weg nach Österreich/Galtür 
es war kalt, saukalt, Schneesturm, Schneeketten, Schnee, Schnee, und noch mehr Schnee ⛄☃⛇
aber wir kamen mit wirklich guten Ergebnissen nach Hause....
Jaz-Jazizah Al Djiibaajah  178p
  Yill-Djiibaajah vd Irminsul CACIL/CCLA 177p
Gameela Leila Al Djiibaajah 173p
 congrats to Gabi, Jazzis and Meelas owner 
and many thanks to Sylvia Riemer for the pictures

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

L-litter plans

we have very exciting plans for march 2017
more under puppies/plans 💕

Sunday, 11 December 2016

austrian showsuccess

AT JCH Kenan Kamal Al Djiibaajah
  • Wels 11.12.16 CACIB youthclass Herr Pehar (HR) V1, JB, BOB, BIG2
  • Wels 10.12.16 CACIB youthclass Frau Gadolin (S) V1, JB
  • Grafenegg 18.09.16 CES youthclass Frau Brun V1, JB, CEESJW
AT JCH AT BJS Kimiya Kaniz Al Djiibaajah
  • Tulln 2.10.16 CACIB/BS youthclass Frau Zilli (I) V1, JB, AT BJS
  •   Tulln 1.10.16 CACIB youthclass Frau Jarmer (A) V1, JB
  • Grafenegg 18.09.16 CES youthclass Frau Brun (NOR) V1, JB, CEESJW 
Yill-Djiibaajah von der Irminsul
  • Tulln 2.10.16 CACIB/BS interm. class Frau Zilli (I) V1, CACA
  •   Tulln 1.10.16 CACIB interm. class Frau JArmer (A) V1, CACA, CACIB, BOB, BIG5
  • Grafenegg 18.09.16 CES interm. class Frau Brun (NOR) V1, CACA
  • placed 3rd in the austrian showlist with only 5 shows

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


..... funny girls and a new purring familymember
 crazy Hanni :)
 lazy Chazzi :)
Chazzi and Kimi - mom and daughter
 Kimi and Lenke, her new catfriend
 Shagio-Chen Lenke
 crazy youngsters
 dirty girlies
 always happy

many more pictures you can find here

Monday, 13 June 2016

Alyasou Al Djiibaajah

......unerwarted und viel zu früh
Anfang Mai wurde ein Lebertumor(2cm) bei Sou diagnostiziert, nur 5 Wochen später musste ich sie gehen lassen
......unexpected and way to early
after we diagnosed livercancer in the beginning of may, I had to let her go only 5 weeks later

run free my girl, whereever you are now
we miss you deeply
"Sou"  19.06.2006-13.06.2016

Wenn Liebe ein Weg und
Erinnerung Stufen wären,
dann würden wir hinaufsteigen
und dich zurückholen.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

6 weeks/ 6 Wochen

boy1, 4900gr
Kamri Kamran Al Djiibaajah 
 boy2, 4650gr
Khadin Khinzeer Al Djiibaajah
owner Lynne Edwards/UK
 girl3, 4250gr
Kimiya Kaniz Al Djiibaajah
owner Al Djiibaajah Salukis
boy4, 4650gr
Kha'shayar Al Djiibaajah
boy5, 4600gr
Kenan Kamal Al Djiibaajah
 girl6, 4050gr
Kiyana K'Asjadi Al Djiibaajah
owner Michele Lavergne/Fr
 girl7, 3000gr
Kamini Kismet Al Djiibaajah
new album with some mixed pics, click here

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

4 weeks/ 4 Wochen

boy1 2880gr spoken/vergeben
 boy2 2890gr spoken/vergeben
girl3 2700gr spoken/vergeben
 boy4 2850gr spoken/vergeben
boy5 2800gr spoken/vergeben
girl6 2670gr spoken/vergeben
girl7 1780gr spoken/vergeben

Thursday, 31 December 2015

2 Wochen/2 weeks

 boy1  1530gr  spoken
 boy2  1580gr  spoken
 girl3  1370gr  spoken
 boy4  1810gr  spoken
 boy5  1610gr  spoken
 girl6  1390gr  spoken
 girl7  820gr  spoken
many more pics here